Kim is an ex professional singer, done the circuits for many years. Kim has a bluesy, raspy powerful voice, similar to Bonnie Raitt, Janis Joplin, Bonnie Tyler, Kim Carnes, Lulu. She can also do the tender ballads when required. She really gets to express herself with the material we do in the band.

Wayne - Lead Guitar, BV's
Has been playing guitar in bands since the day dot... rather obsessed with music ! Loves a wide range of music, from rock & prog rock, blues, folk. Too many influences to list...
John - drums
John is a first rate drummer. He learned to play at an early age, He has been in several bands, And played in a Band with Wayne in the past
Karl - Bass
Karl has been playing guitar for several years now, and switched to bass recently. He took to it straight away! We needed a bassist and he was the obvious choice. He also runs an open mic at The Crown, New Springs, in Wigan. He also has a wide range of influences, not least The Clash and other punk/post punk bands.
Peter - Keys
Peter was the original keys player before fame beckoned with Chonkinfeckle. He was on Sky Sports you know! Anyway he plays several instruments very well, and was the obvious choice when Neil said he was going.